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Lately we have been obsessing over Home Offices, from the remodeling process to interior design. Hours have been spent scrolling through inspiring photos on, Pinterest and other Home Remodeling and Design sites. The ideal office needs to be organized, practical and comfortable, especially when working in small spaces.

There are a lot of us that work from home, and having the right set up makes everything much easier and more enjoyable. With the right design and the proper equipment one will be able to get work done with ease, physically and psychologically. Imagine if your space was small, crammed, with a bad chair and no form of organization. I doubt you’d be able to get through your workday without having to get up every five minutes to stretch, or easily get distracted.

Closet Factory is a great company to help organize your Home Office, they offer custom built desks, workstations, bookshelves and combinations. Each design is made to fit your needs and your own personal style.

“You’ll love how a custom office conforms perfectly to your daily work and study needs. Special features like pull-out articulating keyboard arms, curved return tables, raised-panel “hidden” file drawers and customized cubby sizes for all your hard-to-stash supplies are just a few of the options before you.”

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If you don’t have a spare room to turn into a Home Office, pick a spot in your home that is open or by a window. Avoid setting yourself up in a corner which might lack natural sunlight, which helps keep you alert while working.  Pick a chair that is comfortable, and that you know you’ll be able to sit in for hours at a time. We understand that there are tons of cool, artsy chairs on the market today, but you need to think about comfort.

All in all, if you are thinking about setting up a Home Office, take the time to plan and design. Search through the web, there are so many design websites that offer enormous amounts of ideas and inspiration. In the end, this is your space, it should reflect your work and your personality.

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