Exterior Home Renovations


You’re thinking about your next project, and you’re also thinking about the upcoming changes in the weather. There are a few important things to consider when planning your homes exterior renovation. Let’s point out a few things; in what condition is your roof? you don’t want a leaky roof when the rains begin. How are the rain gutters? What about your windows and doors? Thousands of homeowners are literally throwing their “money out the window” with poorly insulated windows and doors. Also, think about your homes siding, what condition is it in? So many people don’t realize the importance of these maintenance projects that need to get done, in order to save you from even bigger expenses and disasters in the future.


RAIN GUTTERS: There are many kinds of rain gutters available on the market today, and for best quality you want to look into metal or aluminum. Gutters are meant to collect rain water to keep your home safe from any damages. Yet, you still want to keep your gutters in good condition, so good quality materials are important, it will keep your roof  free of debris, insects, leaves and anything else than can fall and collects. Both of these styles can be bought pre-cut in about 10′ lengths and have to be put together like puzzle pieces. On the other hand, seamless rain gutters can be cut and put together on-site in much longer lengths, which can be made to fit any roof from end to end.

EXTERIOR SIDING: James Hardie is well known for their exterior siding products. They are durable, reliable and offer a lifetime value. Hardie offers eight different kinds of products: HardiePlank Lap Siding, HardieShingle Siding, HardiePanel Vertical Siding, HardieTrim Boards, HardieSoffit Panels, Artisan Exterior Design, ColorPlus Technology and Weather Barrier.

ROOF: Many don’t think too far into this, but your roof is probably THE most important part of your home! You need to keep that “roof over your head” in great condition, and yearly inspections and maintenance should become routine with all homeowners. From the moment of original construction, roofs begin to endure harsh weather conditions (wind, rain, snow..), minor damages throughout the years can turn into big problems! The design behind building a roof has drastically improved in the last fifty years, and the materials used now a days are stronger, and technologically advanced. Also, old school skylights aren’t built like they are today, leaks are more common on old designs than ones you see today (see reputable Skylight company Velux who we are certified with).


WINDOWS: Finally, a good set of quality windows will not only keep your home warm during the upcoming season, but it will also save you money! Pella Windows offer their Insulshield glass technologies for hot and cold weather extremes, as well as Double and Triple Pane Glass with Argon.

“What makes Pella Products more Energy Efficient?” …PELLA INNOVATION

Many ingenious features and options help our products improve your home’s energy efficiency, such as:

  • Different combinations of glass
  • Thermal breaks to further separate the inside from the outside
  • Our exclusive snap-in between-the-glass blinds and shades
  • Low-E coating removed around glass edge to greatly reduce the possibility of seal failure


So whatever your exterior renovation needs may be, make sure that you consult with a professional to ensure a job well done 😉 We’ve been experienced in this field of work for many years, and only work with the best and most reliable alliances to deliver our clients beautiful and long lasting results.


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