Ventura Builders also builds a good relationship with it’s clients


Besides construction projects, Ventura Builders builds good relationships with it’s clients.

Maintaining a good relationship with all of our clients for the years to come is a very important goal for our company. We certainly take this very seriously and we work hard to maintain our good performance as contractors  so we can keep doing business with our clients.

Inter-coastal Property Services is one of our repetitive clients and we truly treasure the relationship we had already established with this Company last year when we replaced all of the existing windows of Freeman Villa, one of the apartments buildings under their management.

Located in Los Angeles, this building is a Section 8 rental property very well kept by the administration.

Once again we coordinate the work with the administration of the complex to minimize any possible disturbances to the tenants and swiftly load the roof with the new material.

Our highly trained crew worked seamlessly during the entire length of the project to complete the installation of the new roof on time. We use all the necessary resources available to complete our work quick and safe.
The work was accomplished as expected and on time. The building inspector signed off the job and we are now talking about a future major improvement to this building in the upcoming months, and later on another building managed by the same client.
We take pride in our work and we are so grateful that our clients appreciate our professional services.

Ventura Builders will be very interested in doing business with you! we will more than happy to assist you in any type of remodeling or improvement project you may have, regardless the volume of the work involved. We are here to work with you and keep expanding our clientele.


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